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1.BBMCP 1.00 Final

Codename: Seasons In The Abyss

• Added JavaLoader 7.0 Beta 2 (from BlackBerry JDE 7.0 Beta 2).
• All downloads on the Downloads screen have been updated.
• MCP Support link (Welcome screen) fixed.
• MCP Portable updates and fixes.
• MCP Redesigned for PortableApps Platform “Next” Pre-Release

Download :

2.BBSAK v1.9.1 / 1.9.11

BBSAK v1.9.1
Added Support for: Afrikaans, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese
3rd Party backup no longer includes Docs2Go, as it is included with all OS’s
Fixed Bug with 64bit Windows, OS selector now works properly
Fixed Issue with Dutch Language Pack


3.BBH Tool (Public Version)

BBHTool updated to v2.4.9.2

– Optimized Shrink-A-OS code/Put It Back features
– Live Shrink option to shrink an OS that has already been installed to device
– Updated Shrink with latest shrink options
– Select your Installed OS Folder from the Drop-Down list
– Save/load settings to/from file
– Tweet your Shrink results
– Displays shrink results: before, after, total modification

– Drag .alx or .jad and info will be entered automatically (except .cod files)
– Create OTA (.jad), Desktop (.Alx), JavaLoader (.bat), or all of them
– Save creations and move .CODs straight to your OS folder (for easy Desktop install)
– Upload your OTAs (free hosting by me) (VIP ONLY)
– Zip up your install creations

OTA Downloader
– Download OTA links (.jad) and all .cods with it
– Convert .jad to .alx after download

Phone Tools
– Read/Save File System
– Install/Remove/Save .CODs
– Save All .CODs on device
– Read/Save/Clear Event Log
– Take Screenshot
– Sync time to PC
– Factory Reset
– Wipe Device

– “Latest OS” and “Latest BBHybrids” buttons to show you the latest
– Launch Loader/BBSAK/BBMCP/DM buttons
– Options to auto-start on Shrink, C-A-J, or B-A-H, Phone Tools, Other tabs
– Automatically remembers your settings
– URL Shrinking (with custom name option)
– Shortening service choices:,,,
– Copy to clipboard and/or Tweet Shortened link after shortening
Tweet pulls
– How-To/Help menu with instructions/info about each app

Build-A-Hybrid (Advanced Users) (VIP ONLY)
– Optimized Build-a-Hybrid code
– Only included 5.0 OSs
– Optimized Radio Swap code + more choices
– Various options to hybridize including: Bluetooth, Camera, GPS, Video Recorder, Plazmic and more
– File swapper w/ full java swapping feature

Download :

4.MagicBerry Blackberry IPD Editor and Converter

With MagicBerry Blackberry IPD Editor and Converter you can parse and edit Blackberry IPD database file. Split and merge records and extract SMS, contacts, phone calls log, and service books to CSV or text files. You can use MagicBerry for editing the database and upload and save it in the IPD file. The first software that allow editing and extracting Blackberry Service Book for provisioning of the WiFi, MMS, Internet application (Facebook, GTalk and Yahoo).

What’s new in this version:

  • Version 3.0 adds option to export blackberry IPD data to CSV, merge and split IPD files.
  • Price: Free
  • Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/NT

Download :

5.Blackberry OTA Downloader

Blackberry OTA Downloader is an exclusive blackberry software download which allows you to download OTA files immediately to your desktop.

So what are the benefits of this downloader?

Well, it allows you to backup OTA downloads under any circumstance.

Example: you found this great blackberry theme somewhere on the net, but it’s only available OTA and you have a hosted blackberry service (BIS) with a disabled blackberry browser.
All you need to do is copy the OTA downloadlink, paste it in the textbox and press “download”.
The OTA file and all required ota contents will be downloaded to a separate folder in the folder where you have placed the Blackberry OTA downloader.

Another great benefit of the Blackberry OTA downloader is that it will allow you to create a backup of all OTA files.

Example: you found this great software or theme but its only available OTA, what if the site which is hosting this file removes the file, or what if the site goes offline?
Well, then you will loose the possibility to ever install this file again…. Blackberry OTA downloader resolves this problem by giving you the possibility to create a backup under any circumstance.


* Backup OTA downloads on disk.
* No GPRS connection or blackberry internet required.
* Install blackberry OTA themes using your desktop software.

How does the Blackberry OTA downloader work?

Well it’s simple,

Start the Blackberry OTA downloader, copy the link to the OTA file (the filetype should be .jad)
Paste the URL in the textfield, and click on download.

Download :

6.VNBBUtils v.

Key features:

– View information on the devices: Model, OS is used. Allows time synchronization with the computer and restart the computer from Blackberry.

– Remove IT Policy with a single mouse button (Factory Reset), remove the operating system to easily install the new OS to BB (Wipe Device) Support for the Blackberry operating system (OS Install) .

– Allows viewing and cleaning EventLog, clean up trash on the RAM and Flash memory of the Blackberry.

– View information on the entire software Blackbery: including system software (Core OS) and software to install the third party. Also allows backup and delete the software.

– Allow Backup of its application Tuesday with the 1 button (backup applications). And can reinstall the entire application with application recovery functions.

– Install the application from the JAD file or COD file (JAD file to install from would be better).

– Create a JAD file from COD file (and if there ALX file) & create ALX file from the JAD file Tags COD respectively.

– Capture current screen of the Blackberry, can save the file as PNG, JPG, BMP or copying to the Clipboard for easy paste (paste) into other applications such as Paint, Photoshop or Word, Outlook … In addition, you can film the screen and save the file AVI BB, great for demos, guide …

– Support for OTA download application from the link, this feature has been enhanced to be able to download the correct version of the software fit your Blackberry, you can download all the links are not directly to the JAD file as of mobihand …

– Convert JAR to COD file for easy installation on Blackberry.

– Create Screen Engineering activation code.

– IP Modem function: supports only PCs with BDM from v5.0.0 or lower (for v5.0.1 and above from BDM IP Modem was available then).

– Quick Installation (Quick Install): this function helps to install the software from computer to BB too simple. No need to BDM, without opening vnbbUtils, BB just connected to the computer, open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder containing the software and select the JAD file to install, right click and select Install (vnbbUtils). Without the JAD file, you can choose COD file and right click and select Install (vnbbUtils) (can select multiple files COD)


– Windows XP or higher

– BDM version you are, but should be used from v5.0.0 or higher.

Changed logs === ===
21/08/2011 – version
– Added support of the new BlackBerry
– Supports 64-bit Win
– Fixed some minor bugs

Change log
v2.0.4.1 – 28/08/2011
– Support latest BlackBerry 7
– Support Install multiple JAD files
– Support Win-64bits
– a little bug fixed.
Download :

7.ABC Amber Blackberry Converter v.6.88

ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter will convert messages and contacts from IPD (BlackBerry backup) files to any format you want.

All you have to do is open BlackBerry file, select required messages, choose document format to convert and click “Save As” button.

This application will support running from command line, more than 50 languages. As all ABC Amber products, it’s really easy as ABC and powerful as Amber.

Here are some key features of “ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter”:

· Reads IPD (BlackBerry backup) files and exports selected messages and contacts to a single file of any document format: PDF format (Adobe Acrobat doesn’t need to be installed), RTF format (also doesn’t require MS Word to be installed), hypertext HTML format, text format, MS DOC format, popular CHM format, old good HLP format, and many more (Access, Excel, DBF, etc.)
· Generates contents with bookmarks (in RTF, DOC, PDF and HTML) and hyperlinks in the output file
· Easy to use and easy to set up. You can adjust fonts, colors, styles, effects of output file
· Supports column sorting
· Displays selected message (or contact)
· Supports advanced PDF export options (document information, 40/128 bits PDF encryption, PDF security options, page size, page orientation and page margins, resolution mode, compression mode, viewer options)
· Supports multiple CHM and HLP export options
· Exports messages to TIFF and DCX (multipage)
· Command line support, multiple language support, skin support

How to Install:

1. First at all you download the attached file below abcberry_full.
->> the settings on your normal ..
(At this point everyone’s ACB is where home is FULL.)

2. Download the file named pva_corp notes. Extract the file and just run it.

3. And finally, check your ACB is not FULL?

UP DATE: on win7 and Vista the Key not work automatic, but they do pva_corp file manually following:

1. Run – type Regedit

2. Create HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ ProcessText Group BlackBerry \ Blackberry Convert —> Right click select New -> select String Value, name the file as “Key” -> right click on the File Key click just created, select Modify and then Paste the code below.


Download  :

8.Create A JAD

How to:

1. Enter information requested (All are required except for description)
2. Drag and drop all the files needed for your app install into the white box under Files.
3. If you haven’t already, enter the filename (no extension) and choose what type of install you need: .JAD is for OTA, .ALX is for Desktop Install, and Both does both of them.
4. Click Create It!
5. Enjoy your new OTA/Desktop Install!

Get Your OTA Up and Running
1) Upload all .cods required, the .jad, and the .htaccess file created to your webspace
2) Go to the link to your .jad file from your phone
3) Install away!

To Use In Desktop Install
1) Copy and paste the created .alx file in your OS’s folder (ie. 9530-v4.7.0.167_P4.0.0.205)
2) Copy and paste the .cod files into the Java folder (if you checked that box when creating the .alx) or into the same OS folder as step 1 (if you left the checkbox unchecked)
3) Install using AppLoader (Loader.exe) or Desktop Manager

Download  :


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