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Fancy Smiley v.2.0

Versi ini Merupakan Upgrade dari Versi 1.2

Now Smile with Style with Fancy Smiley app! Through this app you can send colored smiles and country flag in BlackBerry® Messenger and unicode characters in EMAIL, SMS, IMs and Facebook status messages! NOTE: Please reboot your device (do a battery pull) in case the app is not working straight away after installation!


Colored smileys are available only in BlackBerry® Messenger or above. If you are on an older BlackBerry Messenger,Please upgrade your BlackBerry Messenger to the latest version available from!


– More than 300 Colored Smiles and over 200 flags for BBM v5.0

– More than 500 icons and symbols for Facebook and other status messages – Integrates to any text field

– Supported all Unicode symbols and characters – Neatly categorized separate Tabs for easy accessibility

– Insert More than 1 Smiley at a go (enable this feature under app options as Multi Character Mode)


1. After App Installation you will see a new application icon. Click on it to make changes to the app.

2. Press Menu button and then click “Insert Fancy Smiley” to access the app.

3. Click on any icon to insert to message

4. If application does not support direct integration then selected character will be stored in clipboard and you can paste it later even on BBM chat!!

Download OTA:



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