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Berry Unit Converter App For BlackBerry v.1.7

A unit converter is something handy to have on your PDA or smartphone. However, I couldn’t find any free, useful unit converter for the Blackberry smartphone; all I managed to find were J2ME generic converters that don’t blend in with the Blackberry’s user interface and are in general a pain to use.

Thus, here is BerryUnitConverter; it is, indeed, a Blackberry Unit Converter. All it does is convert between different units of measurement. It’s written specifically for the Blackberry so it won’t work on generic J2ME phones; if you need a converter for your J2ME phone, I suggest Abiro Unit Converter. Also, it requires a Java-based model. It’s been tested on Pearl (81xx), Curve (8300) and Storm (95xx) models but should work on the Bold as well. Warning: if you have a 4.1 device (the 8700 series, for example) you need to go down the page to the Installing section and download the 8700-specific version.

BerryUnitConverter is free software, released under the GNU GPLv2. Source code is available a bit further down the page (under “source code”). You will probably need the Blackberry JDE in order to successfully build from source code.

Download OTA



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