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BlackBook v3.0 (All Device) OS5 And OS6

Keep your contacts, calls, and messages away from prying eyes with BlackBook  hidden contact list. Sensitive contacts and messages stay completely hidden on your phone. It’s so discreet, there’s no icon to launch it. Simply type your custom launch-key on the keypad and your ‘BlackBook’ appears.
Although OS 5, and OS 6 are supported, there is a known bug in the operating system causing call logs to not be automatically removed. This has been reported, and logged at RIM.


Nextel uses MMS in instead of SMS. MMS is not supported at this time.

Before upgrading your OS or BlackBook, export your contacts or they’ll be overwritten.


If you’re upgrading form a previous version of BlackBook:
1. Export your contacts out of BlackBook
2. Fully un-install the old version
4. Do a battery-pull to reset
5. Begin new installation



* NEW – Enhanced SMS Filtering (No more Firewall)
* NEW – Threaded SMS
* NEW – Revamped GUI
* NEW – Backup / Restore Contacts
* NEW – Real-time Contact Searching
* NEW – Contact Photos
* NEW – Hot Key / Shortcuts
* NEW – OS 6.0 Support
* Completely Hidden Contact List
* Custom Filtering For Calls, SMS, PIN, Email
* Extended SMS (1400 Characters)
* Fake Caller-Id Names
* Auto Close
* Vibration Alerts
* Custom Message Pop-Up Alerts
* Outbound Email Attachments
* Import / Export Contacts

PIN + Comments to Get Your Key

Download OTA:


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