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Shortcut Key di Blackberry

Shortcut Keys: What To Use When Your In A Message

If you’re already in a message or have highlighted a message, here’s a few shortcut keys that will allow you to manage important functions with just one to two button clicks.

Quick reply to a message: Press the “R” Key

Quick Reply to all: Press the “L” Key

Quickly Forward a message: From the “F” Key

File away a highlighted email: Press the “I” Key

Find the email address for a contact: Highlight the contact name and then press the “Q” Key.

Shortcut Keys: Within The Message List

There are 9 main shortcut keys that can be used from within the BlackBerry Curve, Bold, or Tour message list.

Opening Highlighted Messages: Press the Enter Key

Create a message from the message list: Press the “C” Key

Make a message display as opened or unopened: Press the “Alt” Key along with the “U” Key

To see a list of all Incoming Messages only: Press the “Alt” Key along with the “i” Key

View all your Sent Message only: Press the “Alt Key” along with the “O” Key

Check your Voicemail messages: Press the “Alt” Key plus the “V” Key

Check your Text messages: Press the “Alt” Key along with the “S” Key

Check your call logs by pressing “Alt” and the “P” Key

Review all your messages by pressing the “Escape” Key

Shortcuts Keys: Navigating Around The Blackberry Curve, Bold, or Tour Message List

Move Up The Messaging List: Shift + Space Keys

Move down the same screen: Space Key

Go to the top of the message list: T Key

Go to the bottom of the message list: B key

Go to the next date: N key

Go to the previous date: P key

Go to the next unopened date: U Key

Go to the next related message: J Key

Go to the previously related message: K key


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