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Blackberry MMS Trouble Fix

Blackberry Smartphones MMS Not working problems and fix

If you can’t send picture messages (MMS) on your Blackberry Smartphones. Your Blackberry Device may display message not sent, unable to send, or other error messages.

This could be caused by some common reasons. To resolve Blackberry Handheld can’t send mms issue:

First, you can turn off your Blackberry Device for a moment and then turn it back on. This refreshes the connection on the phone with the network.

Secondly, Ensure that you are in a good coverage area and have signal bars on the Blackberry Device.

Thirdly, Ensure the picture messaging settings are correct on your Blackberry Device. For further information, go to Picture messaging settings.

Fourthly, try to send a picture message to your own number. Make sure you are dialing 11 digits (1+area code+number). Always dial 1 plus the area code. You will not be charged for long distance service.

Finally, If the picture message was not sent, you call service provider for technical support.


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